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Cleveland sports fans’ chance to celebrate tonight

It’s a rare event that a city’s professional sports team is set to celebrate a title winning season while a city’s other professional sports team is vying for a chance to claim their own championship the very same night.

Even rarer, that circumstance is happening tonight in Cleveland, Ohio, a city long plagued with sports suffering.

By now even those not familiar the metropolis that hugs the shores of Lake Erie, know all the cliched failed sports moments that seemed to embody the city in the eyes of outsiders- the shot, the fumble, Jose Mesa’s collapse, the list goes on and on.

Clevelanders have long been forced to defend their teams’ infamous sports moments and subsequently their city from snickering fans from around the country.

But tonight truly marks a new chapter for sports fans in C-Town.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will take the floor for the first time against the Knicks since their game 7 win in Golden State. The rafters at Quicken Loans Arena will finally be home to a championship banner and players, staff and all involved in the Cavs’ season will be gifted with their championship rings.

All the while the Cleveland Indians will host their first ever opening game of the World Series against the visiting Chicago Cubs. The Tribe’s journey to the Series has been unexpected by most, and despite their lone loss in postseason play, Cleveland is decidedly the underdog in the match-up.

Regardless of the outcome of the seven game series or how the 2017 NBA season pans out, tonight is Cleveland’s chance to relish in the success 2016 has brought to its sports teams.

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