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Cleveland Browns

Trade for Pryor an interesting move for the Browns

On Thursday, the Browns traded their starting inside linebacker, Demario Davis, to the New York Jets for safety Calvin Pryor. Pryor was very highly regarded as the 18th overall pick in the draft three seasons ago out of Louisville. Davis came to the Browns from the Jets before last year and had a very solid

Williams should field an improved defense

Everyone who has watched the Browns for the last several seasons had been able to tell that their defense has been lacking an identity, a spark, or any kind of consistency whatsoever. They routinely finish near the bottom of the league in rushing defense and overall defense, and lately their pass defense has been abysmal

That’s so Browns

Since the the city of Cleveland got their football team back in 1999, they have consistently been one of the worst franchises in professional sports. Reporters constantly make fun of the entire organization for its ineptitude on and off the field, and Browns fans have to be tortured by watching their team finish at or

When should the Browns play Kizer?

There have been two very different sides taken towards the Browns drafting DeShone Kizer in last week’s NFL Draft. There is a camp of people that believe the Browns dropped the ball and failed to seriously address the quarterback position in the draft for the second straight year, and there is a camp of people

Should the Browns consider Joe Mixon?

There was a lot of controversy last month around the NFL combine choosing not to invite Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon to the much-hyped annual pre-draft workout. The Sooner running back is considered to be one of the most talented players at his position in the draft. The combine and many teams have crossed him off their

Grading the Browns’ free agency moves thus far

Since free agency officially began last Thursday, the Browns have shown us that they understand how big of a problem their offensive line was last year. They have invested a lot of money into that position group, so when they finally find their quarterback, they will be able to protect him and take some pressure