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Hock A (LOOGY): Time to do away with lefty specialists

Usually, the only evidence he was ever in the game comes not from the box score, but from the collective groan audible from the crowd reckoning with the fact it is about to watch two pitching changes in a span of one, maybe two, outs. Let’s be clear, the only thing more exciting than watching an aging manager waddle like a penguin to the pitching rubber and summons a substitute reliever is watching that same manager do it twice in five-minutes time.

Sac bunts and pitchers batting: A statistical loser

Putting down a sacrifice bunt with a runner at first base and no one out is the Major League Baseball equivalent of a football team attempting a field goal on fourth-and-four on its opponent’s 33-yard line in a scoreless game in the first quarter.

Call for change: Adopt the DH in both leagues.

Anecdotally, there exists a wholly unscientific correlation between a person’s political views and their position on the DH. For example, a conservative person with a strict interpretation of the United States Constitution is likelier to a be a “baseball purist,” insisting the pitcher bat as God and Abner Doubleday intended.

Can Cleveland Close?

After taking a 3-1 World Series lead last year against a professional baseball team that plays its home games on Chicago’s north side, the Indians have lost six consecutive closeout-elimination games. The resolve of this club is sure to be tested as it heads through the offseason and into next spring.

JRam and Encarnacion are on fire

The Indians have stepped up their game recently and are now sitting in sole possession of first place in the AL Central Division. Many experts believe they have finally put it all together and will hold onto the top spot for the rest of the season. There are a lot of things that have contributed

Tomlin plays a stopper

It’s a well-known fact that the Tribe’s starting pitching has not lived up to expectations this season. They have had some injuries and inconsistencies in the rotation and have ranked near the bottom in ERA for their starters. To make matters worse, the hitting hasn’t been up to the expected level either, and that has

What’s going on with the Indians?

The Tribe has not been looking like the club that had one of the most potent lineups and one of the better starting rotations in the big leagues near the end of last season. People could argue that they should look even better right now than they did during their World Series run last October.

The return of Dr. Smooth

Even though he said he was happy for his teammates and had a great attitude, it had to be killing Michael Brantley to miss the amazing postseason run by the Tribe last fall. Leading into last season, Brantley had been the club’s most consistent and productive players for a few years. He really began to

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