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Hock A (LOOGY): Time to do away with lefty specialists

Usually, the only evidence he was ever in the game comes not from the box score, but from the collective groan audible from the crowd reckoning with the fact it is about to watch two pitching changes in a span of one, maybe two, outs. Let’s be clear, the only thing more exciting than watching an aging manager waddle like a penguin to the pitching rubber and summons a substitute reliever is watching that same manager do it twice in five-minutes time.

Sac bunts and pitchers batting: A statistical loser

Putting down a sacrifice bunt with a runner at first base and no one out is the Major League Baseball equivalent of a football team attempting a field goal on fourth-and-four on its opponent’s 33-yard line in a scoreless game in the first quarter.

Call for change: Adopt the DH in both leagues.

Anecdotally, there exists a wholly unscientific correlation between a person’s political views and their position on the DH. For example, a conservative person with a strict interpretation of the United States Constitution is likelier to a be a “baseball purist,” insisting the pitcher bat as God and Abner Doubleday intended.

Jay Bruce’s return to Cincinnati was another reminder of what could have been

Just because we knew by the second week in May that Bruce would be traded to a CCINOLHP (Contending Club In Search Of Left-Handed Power) doesn’t make it any easier when the longtime Redleg is actually dealt; nor does it make it any easier when he returns to patrol right field in Great American Ballpark wearing another team’s colors.

There’s always next year: A case for the 2017 Cincinnati Reds

Like mad scientists blending hazardous chemicals, the mix concocted by this Reds brain trust was a combustible blend that very nearly exploded in historic fashion, but appears now to be a super juice that has Joey Votto batting nearly .450 since the All-Star break, Brandon Phillips poised to post his best offensive numbers in about five years and a pitching staff that now at least on borders on respectable.