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Kyrie steps up to the challange

Things were looking pretty bleak for the Cavs when LeBron went to the bench with four fouls about halfway through the second quarter of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. They had just blown a big lead in Game 3 and suffered their first loss of the postseason. Until that point, they had flown

Cleveland Browns

That’s so Browns

Since the the city of Cleveland got their football team back in 1999, they have consistently been one of the worst franchises in professional sports. Reporters constantly make fun of the entire organization for its ineptitude on and off the field, and Browns fans have to be tortured by watching their team finish at or

Cleveland Browns

When should the Browns play Kizer?

There have been two very different sides taken towards the Browns drafting DeShone Kizer in last week’s NFL Draft. There is a camp of people that believe the Browns dropped the ball and failed to seriously address the quarterback position in the draft for the second straight year, and there is a camp of people

Indians notebook

The return of Dr. Smooth

Even though he said he was happy for his teammates and had a great attitude, it had to be killing Michael Brantley to miss the amazing postseason run by the Tribe last fall. Leading into last season, Brantley had been the club’s most consistent and productive players for a few years. He really began to